Pond Road Press began publishing literary poetry chapbooks in 2002. Currently, the press is expanding into publication of full length collections as well. We invite you to explore our website and read some of the poems we have published, which are accessed through the Authors page.

Our mission is to put forth an eclectic range of poetry styles, and to publish content that is not tied to any one "school" of American poetry. The American experiment in poetry over the last 100 years has given the nation a rich and varied store of poems, and we find poems we like in collections ranging from what might be called open-mic anthologies to poems found in in such magazines as Poetry and The New Yorker, as well as many other publications too numerous to name here.

As editors we attempt to ask first of a poem
, "How is this "contraption" (as W. H. Auden termed it) meant to work?" Second, we ask, "Is this contraption successful?" If we think a collection is made up of largely successful contraptions, then we will consider it for publication. All this is to say that literary excellence is our sole aesthetic value.

It is also our mission to provide recognition for the individual poets we publish, as well as recognition of the process of bringing to life a book of poetry. To that end we include in our books and chapbooks an author interview and other "bonus" material, like colophons and notes on the publishing process. We believe that recognition is perhaps the greatest reward we can give to our authors. That said, authors are expected to work toward spreading the word about their own work.

We hope you find this approach appealing, and that you have a look at our past work. Our books are available at Amazon.com, a
nd other online bookstores.